Protection des Metaux

Protection des Metaux is a high-tech manufacturer in the surface finishing industry. The lead representative of the company is an internationally respected technical expert in process technology in this sector. PROMET is also a leader in the research and industrial implementation of zero-emission waste treatment processes in the manufacturing sector. 

The main role for Promet is to provide applications testing for the project integrated demonstration plant. Their wide knowledge across the range of aqueous-based processes used by the industry will enable Promet to provide essential validation work on the process. The respected position of the company in the industry will also provide the appropriate background to promote the technology to industrial users across Europe.

Promet has experience of working in EU funded research projects focussed on surface finishing applications. The knowledge and experience of new technologies and research gained during these projects and their ability to assess the relevance of research to industrial SMEs provides good experience for their role in the project. 

Promet has a proven track record of introducing innovative processes and methodologies into their manufacturing domain and the project will afford the opportunity for Promet to be a first adopter of the technology and realize market gain.

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