IPM2 will play a key role in the project by acting as conduits for a two-way flow of information, through interacting with their key role within the European Metal Finishing trans-European CETS membership and in focussed dissemination and in intelligence gathering via interaction with their predominantly SME membership. 

The organisation is a respected advisory SME within the French and European finishing industry and is aware of industry needs and concerns about the increasing difficulties and high manufacturing costs together with legislative and environmental demands impacting their client and net-worked base. IPM2 is also aware of the need for decreasing the environmental impact of the sector’s activities and increasing the level of productivity achieved within a framework of a reduced overhead base. IPM2 see significant potential and a commercial opportunity in SUSONENCE technology for both marketing and licensing involvement with their own client base. IPM2 are recognised for their pro-active support for introducing innovation into these sectors and their partnership within the project will significantly enhance the uptake and commercial exploitation of SUSONENCE.

The targeted dissemination routes will be key elements in achieving the “market awareness” necessary to have a significant impact on the target groups. IPM2 is strongly linked to the EU-wide network CETS, the committee overseeing all the national Surface Finishing associations across Europe. This will enable IPM2 to disseminate and obtain intelligence throughout the EU.

IPM2 is also involved directly with the other key actors or direct relevance to the project: specialised suppliers to the industry sectors: production equipment; suppliers of materials and chemical formulations; waste treatment and materials recycling industries.

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