Consortium Members

The consortium partners collectively are considered to bring together:

  • Relevance of core skills, general capabilities and available resources
  • Specific background know-how from previous activities
  • Clearly defined and complementary activities within the project
  • Good experience of carrying out collaborative projects
  • Detailed technological knowledge of the Surface Finishing and PCB manufacturing industry sectors

The group is well differentiated in terms of business activities and there are no direct competitive issues between partners. Indeed, the clearly complementary nature of the businesses is a strength that will be greatly beneficial to the exploitation strategy.

In respect of the importance to the project of dissemination and integration of core activities, the geographic location of the partners is considered beneficial the process optimisation, validation and plant build activities are carried out by partners within the UK during which phases of the work a high level of interactivity is envisaged whilst in respect of industrial trials IPM2 are sited locally to and have traditionally worked closely with Promet and EIPC have in turn worked closely with Pragoboard.

In summary, the SUSONENCE consortium is considered significantly greater than the sum of its individual members and comprises an unrivalled synergy of technical and commercial expertise within the surface engineering and PCB manufacturing fields. The consortium is felt to have a balance of expertise to enable both the objectives and the significant opportunities afforded by the project to be fully realised. The consortium will afford the critical mass to develop and ultimately disseminate and exploit the developed technology. The partners all have unique and extensive experience in their respective technology areas that will be synergistically developed and combined in this project. Most of the partners have experience of working together on similar projects and it is considered that there is an extremely close synergy between the collaborators in this project, both at corporate and at individual levels

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