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Susonence – a new multi-partner project developing advanced sonochemical processes to reduce chemical usage and decrease waste in the PCB and metal finishing industries.


A new European multi-partner development project has recently commenced to introduce more efficient and cleaner production into the PCB and metal finishing industries. The project will use sonochemical processes that decrease hazardous chemical usage and minimise the amounts of waste generated. Energy consumption will also be reduced by the use of new processes that operate at lower temperatures for shorter times. The three year project is known as Susonence, an abbreviation of Sustainable Ultrasonically Enhanced Chemical Processes, and it is being supported via the European Commission’s CIP Eco-innovation scheme for ‘First Application and Market Replication Projects’.

Recent application of the Susonence process at IPM2, Paris  

The last application of Susonence technology has been recently performed at Promet for an electronic customer, (a large manufacturer employing over 500 personnel).  The barrel plating was conducted using susonence technology for the production of capacitors for the aeronautic industry. The process is applied to small parts incorporating a rod and a capacitor.  The deposition under ultra sound produces a coating of tin lead 60% - 40° on the entire length of the rod, which is impossible without ultra sound.

Barrel Plating using Susonence Process


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Video of the Susonence Process

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